Entries from March 2007

20 March 2007

I Trim Them

I was out tonight, in Williamsburg, which means that unless I’m (1) with someone who will coddle me, (2) had an atrocious amount if whiskey, or (3) forgotten to wear shoes, I take the G train home. I didn’t exactly think about the fact that I could take the G train all the [...]

19 March 2007

I Saw Her In The Anti-War Demonstration

Spoiler alert: I am a hater. Case in point:
I went to the UFPJ rally (rally? stroll) yesterday with my friends. We dutifully trudged around the mid east side and gaped at the gorgeous, objectivist, clearly pro-war sky scrapers. Also, we were handed yellow stickers and sometimes poetry, too.
Demonstrations are important for [...]

16 March 2007

And Do You Know What? I Love It.

I went home last night, home meaning my parent’s house on Glenside Road, on the twinkling hill of any basically Jewish suburb within a ten mile radius of the city.
I met my father in midtown around 9, and then we drove back together (listening, uncannily, to his Neutral Milk Hotel). We bent our [...]

15 March 2007

The Meltdown

I’m a nanny for a nine year old named Max. I am also a girlfriend for a twenty-four year old named Max. Is it confusing? Not if you don’t mind a little inadvertent pedophilia.
Anyway, I enjoy spending time with both Maxes a great deal. They’re both hilarious, except Young Max doesn’t [...]