13 April 2007...12:16 pm

News You Really Must Know Now: NY Newsday

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Hey! I was going to talk about how effing freaked out I am that New Jersey Governor Corzine broke his leg and a bunch of ribs and his face, too, while he was trying to prove to kids, once and for all, that not wearing a seatbelt doesn’t pay, but then I read this Newsday article and I realized how inappropriately focused my concern had been.

I’d initially been thinking about New Jersey’s budget shortfall, the on-going corrpution investigations, the precarious national Democratic Senate majority and the governor’s responsibility to appoint replacement legislators in the case of an emergency or resignation. However, following my enlightenment by Long Island’s finest journalistic minds, I’ve found a better cause for alarm: Corzine is the third consecutive elected New Jersey governor to break his leg in office!

No shit! Seriously, no shit. I can’t even believe it. Thank you, Newsday. Also, thank you for your website’s consecutive headings, under “About Newsday,” that offer first, a “History of Newsday” and second, “Newsday History.” If I hadn’t just absorbed such a glut of helpful information, I might even have the energy to read both of them.

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