17 April 2007...5:45 pm

I Made My Bed; Now?

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Fatty Sow, Part II.

You thought this post was going to be a continuation of my much celebrated opening weekend review of Fette Sau. Not true! Not true at all. What do girls really like to talk about? BOYS! So, ladies, have I got a story for you. Max and I had such a fight this afternoon!

Lucky for you, readers, we’re not geriatric, so it was on Gchat. (NYT Modern Love, here I come). To wit:

Max: I wonder what I’ll do for dinner.
me: I can’t wait to find out
Max: I’m thinking some pulled pork
me: oh seriously?
from where?
Max: both the alan richman AND calvin trillin books refer to carolina chopped pork
So I’ve been craving it.
Pies n Thighs
me: that’s one of my top meats, babe
on the list of meats I will eat
Max: This sandwich is the way to start.
me: sandwich?
I would just want it plain
or with okra or collard greens
or cornbread
that’s how I’d want it
Max: Stop fronting.
me: no joke, babe
I don’t think I’d like it in a sandwich as much
Max: Why not?
With cole slaw and a pickle and hot sauce?
me: sandwiches need to have very tidy things on them
or else I have to take them apart
Max: These are not tidy.
me: to fully enjoy each component
Max: They fall apart in your mouth.
me: yeah exactly
Max: You’re making me mad. Stop it.
me: really?
Max: Sort of, yes.
Not mad. Disappointed.

Disappointed?? Shit. In the grand spectrum of how people feel about me, I prefer them to remain consistently clustered around the marker labeled “impressed.” That’s pretty far away from disappointed. Another confession? I super like looking hot. At a party the other week, I had a conversation with a (hot) young lady about how she gave up her vegetarianism following a freak car accident several years ago. Her boyfriend at the time took advantage of her “sprain of the buttocks” to feed her a hamburger, and she hasn’t gone back.

I nodded and smiled while she told me that her recovery was quick, she feels good, WHATEVER, but then:

“And my parents?”
“They say I look much, much healthier. You know, parents are always worried, too skinny–” I decided it was time to get to the point.
“Do you think you look better?”

I believe her! She had shiny hair, a woolly gray cardigan, tight little pants–honestly, that’s all I remember. But my mom has been telling me that I look “wan” ever since I started smoking pot in high school. And moms are basically the arbiters of truth, especially when it comes to their offspring’s appearances.

File this under the “things that are not true” tab, will you?

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  • Wait, you “super like looking hot”?

    (I never know if that question mark comes before the end quote or not. Even if it should, that will never feel right to me.)

    That doesn’t sound like the emma I knew/know. Stop fronting is right.

    Although I do agree that eating meat gives me a nice, thick coat.

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