29 April 2007...11:46 am

No Intention of Moving

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My ears are still ringing, and instead of finishing my last physics quiz of the semester I’m looking at pictures of East Harlem apartments on Craigslist. My lease isn’t up until August, and I have no intention of moving.

The muted funk in which I find myself is the result of last night’s Apes & Androids show at Studio B. I stood near the back for most of it, jerking my hips around intermittently in a way I hoped would pass for dancing, and in my drunken, sound-addled state came up with what I knew would be the best description of the Apes & Androids sound ever.

I found myself so irrepressibly clever that, despite the stunning decibel level, I turned to Gabe and screamed “I’ve got it!” He smiled indulgently, even though he definitely had no idea what I was saying, and I took that as a cue to yell “They’re the Disco Biscuits meets Boston meets—” and then I forgot the punchline. Who else did I imagine them meeting? Maybe it was Lightning Bolt? Is that too easy?

All of this is to say that I thought the show was super. I drew the analogies simply to illustrate the exact style in which Apes & Androids played too loudly, for too long, with incredible passion. Also there were puppets. And the music was great! I used to love swaying to the Disco Biscuits, I am currently crazy for Boston and, in a Pitchfork interview from last December Brian Chippendale shot down one of the interviewer’s questions about “music celebrity art shows” by informing him that he “really shouldn’t open Artforum. It’s meant to be on your table when you are photographed for things.”

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  • Wolf Eyes. You meant Wolf Eyes.

    Even though that’s wrong and they were nothing like Wolf Eyes.

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