Entries from April 2007

17 April 2007

I Made My Bed; Now?

Fatty Sow, Part II.
You thought this post was going to be a continuation of my much celebrated opening weekend review of Fette Sau. Not true! Not true at all. What do girls really like to talk about? BOYS! So, ladies, have I got a story for you. Max and [...]

13 April 2007

News You Really Must Know Now: NY Newsday

Hey! I was going to talk about how effing freaked out I am that New Jersey Governor Corzine broke his leg and a bunch of ribs and his face, too, while he was trying to prove to kids, once and for all, that not wearing a seatbelt doesn’t pay, but then I read this [...]

12 April 2007

Seven Days in the Two Weeks Too Late

My roommate, Kyle, works for Knopf, and as such, amazing things happen on our kitchen table. (I mean, collard greens make us both a little kinky, but I speak of grander events). They include the appearance of free (plundered? donated? perked? I’ve never asked) copies of the new Leni Riefenstahl biography, Jane Smiley’s [...]

5 April 2007

One Man’s Lapdog

You can, obviously, understand a lot about a neighborhood by looking at its trash. That’s if you happen to have that selective kind of blindness where multi-paned windows, wrought-iron railings, and purebred lapdogs are imperceptible.
(Do you know the trouble I just had with imagining what one would see in a nice neighborhood? I [...]