Entries from May 2007

29 May 2007

Wall Is Wall, No?

I lived in Guatemala three years ago, and only for a little while, and I spend a lot of it drinking Brazilian pilsner in front of the Red Sox/Yankees world series. But I did learn some Spanish–my stated goal–as did my old, best friend Gabe, who has traveled extensively and also had a [...]

24 May 2007

I Fear I Am Outing A Freedom Fighter

I’ve been doing a research project for a couple of weeks that involves abstracting and downloading every New York Times article mentioning one-time Fire Chief John T. O’Hagan. (I almost put quotation marks around his name, is how deeply I commit to my tasks). I started in the early 1900s with articles that [...]

22 May 2007

A Type That Looks Like Snakes And Dogs

I checked my email this morning and read that Tamara had tagged a photograph of me on Facebook. I haven’t seen her in a long time, so I thought that was slightly curious, but I also thought it was great, because it gave me an opportunity to look at myself. I’m joking. [...]

17 May 2007

You don’t understand: I need this.

Rejoice, world. Paul Wolfowitz is in Jim McGreevey’s bed. Just joking! Then he would have had to resign. It’s just that he, like Sir Jim, improperly obtained for his lover a promotion and pay raise. Why did McGreevey ( lover of Israeli men) resign immediately while Wolfowitz (lover of Libyan [...]