13 May 2007...7:48 pm

Take Another Sip

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So, I fear that I inadvertently bad-mouthed Devendorf/Dressner/Berninger & co (The National, to people who don’t feel guilty about Technocrati searches (I am so ridiculous)) when I said that they played unremarkably last Tuesday. “Boxer” is all I’ve been listening to since my epic walk on Friday, and everytime we (being Ingrid the iPod and I) reach the end of “Gospel” I react like there’s been a malfunction and stare at her as though there must be more. Honestly, I wish there were. It’s a morose album–also about love, which exacerbates the discomfort–but I spent the weekend in New Jersey: it wasn’t all Journey cover bands at O’Reilly’s.

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