Entries from May 2007

16 May 2007

Strange (Hospital) Bedfellows

I knew a lot when I took a drafty bus down to DC to protest W. Bush’s first inauguration–I was sixteen, so of course I knew a lot. I knew that I really wanted All Things Considered to call me and not only be a Youth Radio reporter (so embarrassing and yet so rad), I [...]

13 May 2007

Take Another Sip

So, I fear that I inadvertently bad-mouthed Devendorf/Dressner/Berninger & co (The National, to people who don’t feel guilty about Technocrati searches (I am so ridiculous)) when I said that they played unremarkably last Tuesday. “Boxer” is all I’ve been listening to since my epic walk on Friday, and everytime we (being Ingrid the iPod [...]

12 May 2007

Artistically Challenging Stirrup Jeans

Time Out New York did a feature this past week on the best walks in the city, which I was psyched about. I super love walking, and exploring at a pedestrian pace, on a human scale–I think it comes from travelling in countries where I don’t speak the language, or at least not very well, [...]

9 May 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos a Lee

I made cupcakes for Lee’s (ten hour long) birthday party last Friday. Lo era una celebración de Cuatro de Mayo, y por eso–just joking! I made Mexican chocolate cupcakes out of a mix of things, and I’ll send the recipe along the next time lovely Whisk & Ladle proposes a recipe exchange. [...]