21 June 2007...5:52 pm


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When I imagine a better world, I don’t visualize factories in Fujian Province or even maquiladoras near, like, Nuevo Laredo. I definitely don’t imagine Bono (who, I just realized in my left brain, wears sunglasses a lot. I think he’s trying to inherit the Lennon throne on that one, except instead of rosy glasses his will be red. Like AIDS. He has AIDS if one of us does, right?) at a Vanity Fair Summit. I don’t imagine those things because I have really no idea what they look like. A little bit of an idea.

But also, honestly, there are weak connections between my political and my aesthetic–visual–priorities. So what do I see when I’m imagining a better world? First of all, I don’t even imagine the world. My imagination can’t see that far. So I imagine a better Brooklyn. And I see something that looks a heck of a lot like The Warriors. Everything is written in drippy red paint, and most of us wear vests. And then that was almost true! Today! This very afternoon!

Bedford Avenue was awash in young skateboarders. Middle school young. It turns out my friends didn’t get over skating in seventh grade, skating got over us. There were hundreds! It was Go Skateboarding Day! It’s a NATIONAL HOLIDAY. That’s a lie. It’s a lie that a website made up. A lie that a website made up?!

Anyway, there were hundreds of them, and they impeded pedestrian and motor traffic, and sometimes innocent, pink-cheeked bicyclists would get caught up with them and look like there might be an earthquake happening, and Dan Arlene and I just stood on the sidewalk and grinned.

I’m, like, pretty sure Dan used to be a skater so I trusted him when he told me that stopping the young folks and asking question would be a “major skate faux pas,” but also I asked anyway. And now I know how I’ll be wishing Edwards would respond in the next debate. So thanks. Happy Thursday, all.

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