Entries from June 2007

23 June 2007

Breakfast Foods, The Consummate Dangers Thereof

“Bob Evans, 89, Restaurateur With Chain Built on Sausage, Dies“
There’s a parable there.  About how wise men don’t build empires on sausage.   Too slippery.

21 June 2007


When I imagine a better world, I don’t visualize factories in Fujian Province or even maquiladoras near, like, Nuevo Laredo. I definitely don’t imagine Bono (who, I just realized in my left brain, wears sunglasses a lot. I think he’s trying to inherit the Lennon throne on that one, except instead of rosy [...]

17 June 2007

The Accidental Say

In Spanish, there’s a grammatic convention that I think borders on perfect. It’s the accidental “se,” or accidental reflexive, and it serves to put the blame, well, not on me. When unintentional events occur in the English language, the actor stays the same–Bill Buckner lost the ball–but, in Spanish, se le perdió [...]

14 June 2007

Casual Dress. Serious Faith.

Apparently I’m a week late on the mail, but I do take circulars seriously (not true), and I was briefly intrigued by the postcard that invited my fellow Residents and I to attend “GodOnFilm2007″ (when you’re spreading the Word–well, you can’t spread it. Those Words, at least. Like, you can’t spread them with [...]