Entries from July 2007

21 July 2007

O Captain, My Captain!

19 July 2007

On Toast

The best part of my morning? It’s smelt like toast since I left my house. First it was the flattening of hot asphalt up Driggs, and then it was the actual toasting of bialys at the Atlas Cafe, which is where I go when the Internet breaks and I want my ThinkPad to [...]

15 July 2007

Party Politics

14 July 2007

I Have Had To Pee For Thirty Years

I was surprised, too, but I spent Thursday night in Northeast Queens. So did the New York Philharmonic. It was a concert. Free. There were all these bony-Julliard types wandering around with briefcases, the only people more disoriented than the Mendelssohn soloist.
The concert was preceded by a lengthy session of dignitary [...]