21 July 2007...6:51 pm

O Captain, My Captain!

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panel 4


  • where did these kids come from? the story I remember writing was about a guy who goes into a phonebooth, then turns into an inanimate sandwich and just sits there.

  • It’s true. That was the first episode; this is merely an illustration of his powers, post-transformation. Next week, the prequel? Are you sad that there’s no phone booth? I was enamored of the little ones. They just really wanted a mansion, I thought.

  • what’s the translucent red-outlined-blob that appears to be relaying the hero? It looks like see-through underwear.

    I don’t know — is that Rorschach of me?

  • a cape! I was very, very bad at drawing underwear.

    Is that Rorschach of me?

  • oh wow! (duh) it’s a cape. I guess I’m worse than I thought at puns.

  • I love seeing the paintshop (or whatever) skills. I prefer MSpaint myself. Cool blog, love the original art (so rare).

  • I clicked on the tab “O Captain, My Captain!” expecting Whitman at war or, at least, Whitman in Brooklyn. You’ve given me children in a suburb and an “inanimate sandwich.” What choice do I have now? -I’ll go meet him down at Pfaff’s beer cellar, the creation of Paris’s la vie de bohème, in Manhattan and talk about; who was it, Lincoln?

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