Entries from August 2007

23 August 2007

Forgiving Betty Schwartz

About ten years ago, now, my paternal grandmother started complaining about Betty Schwartz. My grandparents were living in South Jersey, then, so they would invariably see Betty and her husband, Harry, at diners; if you have spent any time at all in South Jersey you might seek solace in faux maple syrup and scrapple, [...]

19 August 2007

The Ballad Of Rachel Hurley

We were boarding a plane from JFK to PBI when I cautioned “you know, going on a trip with me is a little like being on a fact finding mission.” I’ve subsequently learned that in 1893 what became West Palm Beach was purchased, in its entirety, by a certain Henry Flagler. He needed [...]

12 August 2007

On Etiquette

4 August 2007

She’s As Gone As She Can Be

It was two evenings ago that I went into Manhattan to meet Ariel’s French boyfriend; even though the skin under my eyes was simply salt and my ponytail wouldn’t stop dripping, I had it better than whoever had surrendered his dinner to the Eighth Avenue turnstile.  In fact, we all did, especially once the sound [...]