Entries from September 2007

30 September 2007

The Fate Of Those Who Love Carelessly With Their Faces In The Sun And Don’t Ever Want To Learn How To Stop Doing That Each Fall

27 September 2007

The Quest For Cousins (Part I)

by Lily
Two years ago my mother called me from a wedding in Philadelphia and offered to buy me a ticket to fly there for the ceremony the next morning.
She put me on the phone with a male voice called Robert who claimed to be my cousin and told me I was missing a great time. [...]

25 September 2007

Good People Go Blind

The first night I met Alex, he had occasion to announce “I don’t believe in jails.” He looked at me, then, as though he’d thrown down something glittery and not entirely of this world and was waiting to see if I’d still believe in aliens.
I don’t remember responding, though, except to say “I’m glad [...]

23 September 2007

La Vie En Rose

by Ariel Kouvaras

Illegal Immigrants Chase False Hope to Canada
The New York Times, 21 September 2007
When it rains, it pours, but not in Mexico in May. When the arid desert heat could melt any Canadian winter, the people are stealing over the barren wastelands with speckled dreams into a country where there are none, only [...]