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La Vie En Rose

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by Ariel Kouvaras

Illegal Immigrants Chase False Hope to Canada
The New York Times, 21 September 2007

When it rains, it pours, but not in Mexico in May. When the arid desert heat could melt any Canadian winter, the people are stealing over the barren wastelands with speckled dreams into a country where there are none, only to name themselves illegal. I have to assume that Of Mice and Men was not part of their tenth grade lit. classes’ curriculums; thus, they cannot know that the American dream is sought strictly in vain; but these innocent migrants have slowly abdicated their places in this almost sovereign state for another, as they move towards the Canadian border.

Do you not feel a little snubbed, America? It is like High School all over again. When the not-so-cool guy, who for eight years was enamored with the most popular and pretty girl, realizes that she has never been very nice to him; actually, he may go as far as saying she was more often than not an abominable bitch. He moves on and finds someone who reciprocates his love enough to give him a new hope on which to thrive. What he does not know, is that she nourished her pride, her ballooning ego, and her confidence off his unrelenting attention.

Maybe Canada will reject them too, but notably, America, you realize that you have, gradually, fallen to the wayside. Emigrant refugees may always see a country other their own through rose colored glasses, but you are no longer the only Pretty Girl in the room cunningly tinted pink—now try a little harder.

Ariel Kouvaras is a poet living in New Jersey. That does not happen to be a cliché.


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