Entries from September 2007

20 September 2007

The Showdown: Griffon Stork vs. London Fashion Week

by Alexa Clay
Can you get me something to eat? One, no make that two, celery sticks.
–Photographer from Elle Magazine
9.05 AM
Everyone is speaking Italian or French so the very Anglo words “Red” and “Admirable” glide in, undigested to Euro-ears. “We are based in New York,” I add, and that begins to unlock their jaws some.

9.30 AM
My [...]

16 September 2007

What Katie Did Next

Madeleine thought someone wasn’t being gracious in Oslo so she took a train across the country to Bergen. All the Weather Underground icons about Oslo include an impatient raincloud and there seems to be a near-constant hundred-percent chance of rain. Bergen seems to be worse for the following eight reasons, especially the second [...]

13 September 2007

Jane Came By With A Lock Of Your Hair

It was dinnertime with my roommates, and it’s usually not a problem that Collette doesn’t eat ham. I try not to dietarily discriminate. Last night, though, we were (a) with Spencer and (b) at a tapas bar, so pork products were in favored abundance.
Spencer promised her he’d only order one porky dish, and [...]

10 September 2007

A Marriage At Middle Pond

Mary and Nathan had told themselves that after her parents left, they wouldn’t take the boat rides by themselves. And, in the way that daughters scold mothers-a clucking that only indicates the extent to which we have learned to stage manage in their absence-Mary had informed the indomitable Frances that, really, she and Nathan [...]