Entries from October 2007

26 October 2007

What Became Of The Likely Lads

I took care of Baby Delilah last week. Her parents are musicians, so I think they sing to her a lot before they put her to bed. I know some French songs from my mother and some church songs from my Lutheran God and I taught preschool so I can grimace through The [...]

24 October 2007

I Couldn’t Have Added Two And Two Unless Driven By Hatred Or An Equivalent Passion I Couldn’t Have Read A Paragraph Of Austen Or James Unless I Shrieked Each Word

I was at a deafening party last night with a lot of people who either lived in or were intimately connected to Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties.

Jeanne Moreau
Before we sat down to dinner, I hadn’t registered the extent of the wildfires there except to glare at a Red Cross volunteer who’d asked [...]

21 October 2007

Won’t You Lay Me Down In The Tall Grass And Let Me Do My Stuff

by Spencer Dennis and Emma Rebhorn
[Vote for Spencer's submission to the Insomnia Film Festival or else.]

4:07 PM Spencer: Hi.
me: Hey Spen!
4:09 PM Spencer: What are you up to Saturday?
4:11 PM me: Oh nothing I don’t think. I mean, working. In the day.
4:12 PM Spencer: Oh right. Well, I’m doing this 24 hour [...]

20 October 2007

Out Of All Those Kinds Of People You Got A Face With A View

He would walk around eating bananas! Hani was delighted.
Edward Said would? I was delighted, too.
He would walk around eating bananas at the Horton Williams on one fifteenth!
What is the Horton Williams?

The supermarket! It used to be called something else. The One Hundred and Fifteenth Street Deli. I was dubious of [...]