16 October 2007...9:51 am

Fabulous Now

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by Spencer Dennis

I am sitting on the subway and a panhandler walks in from the other car with a loud slam of the doors that follows his entrance. His face is completely deformed from an acid burn. He holds a sign up with a newspaper article about the incident in which he got his entire face splashed with hydrochloric acid. He has already gotten the most amount of dollars from strangers that I have ever seen anyone get riding the subway. Everyone around me is giving him money. It is fascinating to realize how sorry everyone feels for this man. He is essentially faceless. Or perhaps he has more of a face than anyone in that subway car. A dollar for a little bit of each straphanger’s vanity is all it takes. I transfer trains and I sit down where a woman is holding an US Weekly magazine. The article that she is intensely reading is the before and after pictures of Ashlee Simpson’s nose job. She looks fabulous now.


Spencer Dennis is a filmmaker living in South Williamsburg. We don’t think he has ever looked better. Seriously.

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