21 October 2007...1:43 pm

Won’t You Lay Me Down In The Tall Grass And Let Me Do My Stuff

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by Spencer Dennis and Emma Rebhorn

[Vote for Spencer's submission to the Insomnia Film Festival or else.]


4:07 PM Spencer: Hi.
me: Hey Spen!
4:09 PM Spencer: What are you up to Saturday?
4:11 PM me: Oh nothing I don’t think. I mean, working. In the day.
4:12 PM Spencer: Oh right. Well, I’m doing this 24 hour film festival and I don’t have anyone to act in it.

me: Ooh! You film for twenty four hours? No that cannot be it.

Spencer: No.

me: That would be hilarious. I can do it in the morning or at night.


Spencer: It’s through Apple.  You basically get a set of dialogue, setting, props to use at 9 am on Saturday morning, and then you have to have an edited film Sunday morning.

me: Ohh. So probably I would not be any help.


Spencer: Yeah I’m just trying to feel out my options.

me: I mean, you can film in the store. But shoes are not a very compelling narrative.

4:17 PM Spencer: Maybe that might work.

4:19 PM me: It could be like Shopgirl! That’s why I wanted to work in a shop, to be like Claire Danes in Shopgirl because she is SO HOT.

Spencer: Yeah! Wear something cute.

Spencer: Oh you always do! Never mind.

me: I ALWAYS–right.


Spencer Dennis and Emma Rebhorn dated for two weeks in seventh grade. She refused to kiss him during a movie that may or may not have starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

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