Entries from October 2007

16 October 2007

Fabulous Now

by Spencer Dennis
I am sitting on the subway and a panhandler walks in from the other car with a loud slam of the doors that follows his entrance. His face is completely deformed from an acid burn. He holds a sign up with a newspaper article about the incident in which he got his entire [...]

11 October 2007

My Arms Miss You, My Hands Miss You

by Mary Elston
I went to a preview performance of The Overwhelming at the Laura Pels Theater last night. I met the playwright afterwards, right after the curtain had come down and I had stopped crying. J.T. Rogers is short and squarish, physically, although an additional fact is that he was wearing khakis.
“Thank you,” I told [...]

4 October 2007

He Was Intermittently Serious About All Of Them

My father is a man of facts. He is not necessarily a man of Fact, because many of his assertions are of dubious credibility and rely on material that was probably archived by Mother Jones in 1967 for being too radical. He rattles off statistics and corresponding social commentary with paralyzing facility, leaving [...]

2 October 2007

It’s Your Birthday. It’s Your Birthday In Liberia, Baby.

I am reproducing, in its entirety, Gabe’s birthday present to Maddy. In homage and admiration. Gabe lives in the far easter corner of Liberia. Maddy lives in the far western corner of the United States.
For those of you who think this is derivative, here is the masterpiece in its original form. [...]