Entries from November 2007

25 November 2007

Lipstick On My Belly Button And Music In The Air

A nice friend gave me a copy of of Julia Child’s My Life In France a few weeks back, because I asked for it.

Paul Cushing Child, 1948
And now it’s mine! I read it hard, in a matter of days, in subways and at kitchen tables and in other shockingly alternative venues like [...]

24 November 2007

The Desert Underneath The Charging Sky

Something was burning in the Broadway-Lafayette train station, but I couldn’t tell if anyone else noticed. It smelt like burning garbage; I know what burning garbage smells like because it’s what I smelt constantly in Guatemalan cities.

Because I now associate the smell of burning garbage with mountain air and cinnamon tea, it is incredibly [...]

7 November 2007

A Pillar Of Salt

“Make it plain” was what Malcolm X said when he was ready to go on stage. On January 24th, 1965, he said “make it plain” and then he took the podium at the Audubon Theater in Harlem to give a speech entitled “On Afro-American History,” and then he said:
It seems that during the month [...]

2 November 2007

Someone To Whom A Moment Whatever Moment It May Be Has Come

A Contemporary Absurdity
by Ariel Kouvaras
Last night, I was watching Law & Order and channel surfing during the commercials. My mind was impatient, and my body too lethargic to do anything else but dissolve, willingly, into a sedated gawk. This contented apathy lasted until I clicked onto a channel that was showing an exposé about [...]