Entries from November 2007

2 November 2007

I Hate To Wake You Up To Say Goodbye

I rode over the Manhattan Bridge tonight; as I was rounding the final bend I saw several flailing arms sliding out of view behind the concrete barrier separating me from Canal Street. I idly supposed a handicapped accessible sign had gone missing.

Young Max and Emma make way for ducklings.
Instead, what I learned when I [...]

1 November 2007

Who When You Abstain From Touching Me Is Not Being Touched By You

I spent last night in two different libraries and felt very virtuous; potentially as virtuous as I looked on the Halloweens of my first-, second-, and third-grade years of school. I was a Pilgrim Girl for each of them. My mother made a long-skirted, high-necked dress out of black Rag Shop fabric and [...]