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31 January 2008

If The Boys Want To Fight You’d Better Let Them

Bonum Est In Quod Tendit Appetitus
by Emma Rebhorn

Boston_More Than A Feeling.mp3

There isn’t much conversation in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; most of the time Stevie Dedalus is either listening, judging, or walking around thinking about chicks. We finally get to hear him say something one night (it is always night [...]

28 January 2008

You Make It Easy To Watch The World With Love

Ruthie and I tumbled off the 6 train on Friday night; it had taken some time to get to 86th Street, and once we left the station we were a little stunned.
Oh, I finally said. I think I saw Juno near here, and then I wrinkled my nose. Best Picture, really? Seeing [...]

20 January 2008

I Sat With You And We Took Turns Guessing

I spent Friday and Saturday nights at parties in Brooklyn with people who I hadn’t known very well before. All I know about them now is that they each have more than one t-shirt and will put R. Kelly on the playlist if ordered to do so. The chemistry is obviously great.

Fleetwood Mac_Love [...]

18 January 2008

Stay Out Super Late Tonight Picking Apples Making Pies

Paper or Plastic?
by Ariel Kouvaras
There is a grocery just a block from the UQAM dormitories. It is called Provigo. Often, I walk there over ice patches and snow mounds and breathe a cold air that burns throat and lung. I loath supermarkets in a way that makes me want to have sex with them and [...]