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24 March 2008

You Couldn’t Lose Me If You Tried

The following is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to a friend a few weeks ago. He had voiced some concern about the classism on display in this post; the man is a life-long advocate for dental hygienists. We can’t fault him for trying.

The Spitzer scandal is also discussed.

I am classist above [...]

19 March 2008

The Book Says That It Was Written By A Beggar On The Walls Of Babylon

Young Max made up a board game: Soccer As Strategy. It was a bunch of squares and a stuffed ball and some Lego guys. He and I named our Lego guys Link Rogers and Julia Child, respectively, and after a tedious twenty minutes of rule changing he finally won and I finally got [...]

17 March 2008

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

I have been thinking a lot about marital infidelity this week. Surprise! I have also been thinking about my thesis, which should also come as something of a surprise. I am writing about public hospitals in Harlem during the three Koch administrations. Ed Koch was a odd mayor; pugnacious and jocular [...]

9 March 2008

You Like A Man With A Future You Like A Woman With A Past

Yesterday I Was Fascinated By Somebody Else

I wasn’t, really, or maybe I really was, but in this case I couldn’t decide which title I liked better so I am using two, echoing the misogynist modernists. Tom Eliot stacked his writing on top and on top of itself, leaving room for wonder and none for [...]