19 March 2008...9:15 pm

The Book Says That It Was Written By A Beggar On The Walls Of Babylon

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Young Max made up a board game: Soccer As Strategy. It was a bunch of squares and a stuffed ball and some Lego guys. He and I named our Lego guys Link Rogers and Julia Child, respectively, and after a tedious twenty minutes of rule changing he finally won and I finally got to say Max, your dad is really going to like playing this with you this weekend. You should bring it to New Jersey.

Oh yeah? He agreed.

Yes! And Easter will be fun too, I bet. Lots of candy?

The best part is the egg hunt.

I forgot about egg hunts.

Yeah, they’re kind of like film noir, except instead of clues, you’re searching for eggs.

You think?

And then instead of red herrings that you think are clues but lead you down a dead end, sometimes you find a thing that you think is an egg but it’s just someone’s colorful rubber ball.

It took me a minute. Your dad’s family hides colorful rubber balls as decoys?

Max had already lost interest. Nah, they don’t do that. Sometimes people just hide their colorful rubber balls in the strangest places.

When my family and I were in Bermuda this Christmas, a genetic propensity for crawling around churches in the dark made for some eerily desolate vistas. I had played them the following track in the car on the way to the airport, and during the vacation we were each moved at least once to screech it’s a ghoooost town into the dark night.

Young Max_Ghost Town.mp3

Then we were like, Young Max is irremplazable, or imprescindible, depending on who you ask.

Beyonce_Irreemplazable [Norteña_Remix].mp3

No one but me knows this was taken on Easter, but no one but me knows where the balls are, either.

[Buy more Beyonce, that's a good boy.]


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