Entries from April 2008

28 April 2008

Another County Heard From

I have been away for a very long time! When I wasn’t attending the party of the century, I was writing a thesis. I picked up the bound copies on Saturday and rubbed my face all over them in the print store I loved them so much. I will write about the [...]

3 April 2008

Tuck Her Beneath Your Covers Got A Love Keep Her There Make Love All The Time

Lipstik_There Is Only One Thing.mp3

Then you get the guy in the fat guy truck–
There was no need to finish. The line erupted in laughter. The man who’d announced that we “got the guy” was waiting for his package at the Maspeth UPS Customer Center, and he was really fat. Since he [...]

1 April 2008

The Recruits Stand Sideways Along The Bar With Their Thumbs In Their Belts And Watch The Room

Bert Jansch_Needle of Death.mp3
I heard that William Daniels once starred in a television series with David Hasselhoff; Daniels is a talking car and in one episode drives Hasselhoff’s character around after he’s fallen asleep. That story made me very nervous and I don’t think I ever want to see the show. William Daniels [...]