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27 May 2008

And Possibly I Like The Thrill Of Under Me You Quite So New

Annie Blacker house, Greene & Greene Architectural Records and Papers Collection
If I weren’t convinced that everything I know is already known well by anyone I’d ever want to impress, I’d use Hemingway’s six word novel as a pick-up line. (I’m embarrassed now to even write it, so certain I am that you all have [...]

26 May 2008

Creeping In Creeping In

Ruthie sent me an e-card under her alias The Real Mii; I’ve been enraptured by her emails of late, especially after my party a few weeks ago when we stayed up really late at Abe and Jocelyn’s house playing Wii. I bought new glasses recently but haven’t had the frames put in yet (I [...]