26 May 2008...10:01 pm

Creeping In Creeping In

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Ruthie sent me an e-card under her alias The Real Mii; I’ve been enraptured by her emails of late, especially after my party a few weeks ago when we stayed up really late at Abe and Jocelyn’s house playing Wii. I bought new glasses recently but haven’t had the frames put in yet (I loathe having my pupils dilated and loathed the idea of biking home from 23rd and A with my pupils dilated even more); Ruthie was in fabulous form at the party and decided to wear the glasses herself, frames be dammed.

Numero 6_Da Piccolissimi Pezzi (with Bonnie “Prince” Billy)

Ruthie hadn’t been to Abe and Jos’s before so she had to make a Mii. I remember it being extremely short even though Ruthie isn’t, particularly; the next day she sent me this email:

i was thinking this morning about how funny it was that the mii i created in wii had enormous glasses. you know, just like the real mii.

The Real MII! Amazing.

I’ve been cooking a lot recently, also doing some graduating; I hope these things are more the real mii than some of my other recent activities, which in retrospect mainly involved staying up past dawn and rambling about my parents. That’s what blogs are for, not tail ends of parties.

Numero 6_Quel Giorno Cosa Avevo?

I made cheese:

and a rhubarb compote. Chris and I have fantasies of chronicling other culinary efforts on thesethingstakethyme.com, or at least I have those fantasies and he has the rights to that domain name. I am reviewing my recent photographs in an effort to write something interesting and I’ve discovered certain patterns, like how much I love wearing glasses and how much I love other people who wear them, too.

Download your own Numero 6 here, and then help my neck find a way to get nuzzled by that lead guitarist’s moustache. The band’s website is in Italian, I’ve been squinting at it for a few minutes trying to figure out where you can buy the EP, but it seems essentially hopeless. Berlusconi hates the free market.


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