Entries from August 2008

28 August 2008

In The Wintertime Keep Your Feet Warm But Keep Your Clothes On And Don’t Forget Me Keep The Memories But Keep Your Powder Dry Too

by Emma Rebhorn
Two things became clear after I spent a day with my grandmother last week: I have beautiful teeth, and I am her favorite niece.
Todd Rundgren_Couldn’t I Just Tell You
My grandmother, Ardel, lives in Ocean City, at the Memory Unit of the Shores at Wesley Manor, and she grew up during the Depression, in [...]

24 August 2008

Bad Train Etiquette As An Alternative To A Not-So-Unique Tattoo In The 21st Century

The L Train Spitter
By Ariel Kouvaras
After a rip roaring dance party power-hour at a bar in the microcosm of clones in cowboy boots who pay too much for an apartment in what was previously a Jewish ghetto that is Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I waited on the subterranean platform of the L train; but if you ask [...]

24 August 2008

I’m Feeling Richer Today I Can Hit It Then Stay

Did you know that we have a baby blog? Go find us. We’ll keep unpacking, like a big girl.

The Smiths_Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

21 August 2008

With No Loving In Our Souls And No Money In Our Coats

I just moved to New Orleans to start law school. This will be my review. A periodical review. A periodical.

Today was my first day of law school orientation. Because of my last name, I was scheduled to pick up my orientation packet between 8:30 and 9:30. Last night, my [...]