white lacery, berimmed avenues, and public parks

When asked about the Red Admirable butterfly Vladimir Nabokov said this:

Its coloring is quite splendid and I liked it very much in my youth. Great numbers of them migrated from Africa to Northern Russia, where it was called “The Butterfly of Doom” because it was especially abundant in 1881, the year Tsar Alexander II was assassinated, and the markings on the underside of its two hind wings seem to read “1881.” The Red Admirable’s ability to travel so far is matched by many other migratory butterflies.

(Strong Opinions, 169-70).

When asked about us he said:

It is a limpid void, distinguished only by a startling myopic Calvinism. I liked it, too, very much in my youth.



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  • i think i return to your site not for the content but for the color of the background and your tasty design. at least i keep coming back right? oh and thanks for that jay-z freestyle link.. fresh! love ya love ya –nate hill aka animal cutter

  • Concidering I’ve already launched myself into the masked internet of searching. I’m giving this a shot.


    My name is Brian Rebhorn, I live outside of Washington DC. This is completely random and could be considered intrusive, but to me, it’s worth it. The question!!! What does Rebhorn mean, and where does it come from? For the life of me I have searched numerous genealogical sites to no avail. I’m left with a hope that maybe a fellow person named Rebhorn would have the answer. Enjoy the randomness…


  • I have no idea what Rebhorn means! We have some relatives who still live in Germany (I assume your ancestry is German, too?) and they pronounce the name “AYB-horn”. I don’t know any German, but perhaps that could shed some light on the issue? I don’t think my father knows anything about the name, either, or else I would have heard about it. Good luck!

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  • Today’s article about your Grandmother and the Jersey Shore brought tears to my eyes. I experienced the very same thing. Even when my Grandmother was fading away from us… she always seemed to remember memories down the Shore.
    Thank you.

  • Thank you, Wendy. And I thank my grandmother, too. It’s her story.

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