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24 March 2008

You Couldn’t Lose Me If You Tried

The following is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to a friend a few weeks ago. He had voiced some concern about the classism on display in this post; the man is a life-long advocate for dental hygienists. We can’t fault him for trying.

The Spitzer scandal is also discussed.

I am classist above [...]

25 September 2007

Good People Go Blind

The first night I met Alex, he had occasion to announce “I don’t believe in jails.” He looked at me, then, as though he’d thrown down something glittery and not entirely of this world and was waiting to see if I’d still believe in aliens.
I don’t remember responding, though, except to say “I’m glad [...]

24 June 2007


I don’t even know what it means to be American anymore!
[ I would like to connect that ridiculous lament to:
1. What Alex told me about the finely cultivated Soviet sense of irony behind the lionizing of atrocious U.S. rock music in the years before glasnot. It turns out my adoration of Boston doesn't make [...]