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28 August 2008

In The Wintertime Keep Your Feet Warm But Keep Your Clothes On And Don’t Forget Me Keep The Memories But Keep Your Powder Dry Too

by Emma Rebhorn
Two things became clear after I spent a day with my grandmother last week: I have beautiful teeth, and I am her favorite niece.
Todd Rundgren_Couldn’t I Just Tell You
My grandmother, Ardel, lives in Ocean City, at the Memory Unit of the Shores at Wesley Manor, and she grew up during the Depression, in [...]

10 December 2007

It Has Turned The Color Of Gold

I saw The Savages tonight. On the walk to the theater I called my mother to ask whether or not a week long sinus infection meant I should go to the doctor or just whether I should wait and continue to produce snowstorms of tissues in stomach-turning colors. She said doctor, and asked [...]

23 August 2007

Forgiving Betty Schwartz

About ten years ago, now, my paternal grandmother started complaining about Betty Schwartz. My grandparents were living in South Jersey, then, so they would invariably see Betty and her husband, Harry, at diners; if you have spent any time at all in South Jersey you might seek solace in faux maple syrup and scrapple, [...]