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2 November 2007

Someone To Whom A Moment Whatever Moment It May Be Has Come

A Contemporary Absurdity
by Ariel Kouvaras
Last night, I was watching Law & Order and channel surfing during the commercials. My mind was impatient, and my body too lethargic to do anything else but dissolve, willingly, into a sedated gawk. This contented apathy lasted until I clicked onto a channel that was showing an exposé about [...]

12 May 2007

Artistically Challenging Stirrup Jeans

Time Out New York did a feature this past week on the best walks in the city, which I was psyched about. I super love walking, and exploring at a pedestrian pace, on a human scale–I think it comes from travelling in countries where I don’t speak the language, or at least not very well, [...]

3 May 2007

Babies, Part II

I’m disgusted. Hilary Clinton is so bad at saying she’s sorry, she just wants to go back in time and REVERSE the Senate vote authorizing funding for the war! I’m so disgusted I’m Basil Fawlty telling his handsome, gleaming young guest that he really should have visited a chemist’s shop earlier in the [...]

2 May 2007

Glossy, But Only Semi-Glossy

I walk through Harlem a fair amount and have been seeing, since the last rainfall, xeroxed signs packing-taped to street lamps and stapled onto telephone poles. The signs are on glossy, but only semi-glossy, 8 1/2″ by 12″ paper, and have a picture in the center of a wee ClipArt baby wearing a massive [...]