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26 October 2007

What Became Of The Likely Lads

I took care of Baby Delilah last week. Her parents are musicians, so I think they sing to her a lot before they put her to bed. I know some French songs from my mother and some church songs from my Lutheran God and I taught preschool so I can grimace through The [...]

30 September 2007

The Fate Of Those Who Love Carelessly With Their Faces In The Sun And Don’t Ever Want To Learn How To Stop Doing That Each Fall

17 June 2007

The Accidental Say

In Spanish, there’s a grammatic convention that I think borders on perfect. It’s the accidental “se,” or accidental reflexive, and it serves to put the blame, well, not on me. When unintentional events occur in the English language, the actor stays the same–Bill Buckner lost the ball–but, in Spanish, se le perdió [...]