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3 April 2008

Tuck Her Beneath Your Covers Got A Love Keep Her There Make Love All The Time

Lipstik_There Is Only One Thing.mp3

Then you get the guy in the fat guy truck–
There was no need to finish. The line erupted in laughter. The man who’d announced that we “got the guy” was waiting for his package at the Maspeth UPS Customer Center, and he was really fat. Since he [...]

2 November 2007

I Hate To Wake You Up To Say Goodbye

I rode over the Manhattan Bridge tonight; as I was rounding the final bend I saw several flailing arms sliding out of view behind the concrete barrier separating me from Canal Street. I idly supposed a handicapped accessible sign had gone missing.

Young Max and Emma make way for ducklings.
Instead, what I learned when I [...]

11 July 2007

Share The Road

I had a emotional morning, having discovered that: I am far more deeply moved by a slightly loutish soon-to-be-ex-firefighter reckoning with a six-year-old trauma than I would be by an equally strapping young gentleman in well-tailored yellow suspenders trying to get my (fictional) kitty down from a (frightfully real) tree.
Maybe I should have assumed that. [...]