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24 February 2008

Everybody’s Coming From The Winter Vacation Taking In The Sun In An Exaltation To You

My grandfather died a week ago. Grandpop grandfather, not Granddaddy one. The funeral was on Wednesday and at a lunch afterwards my father gave a speech. It was mainly about how he liked to fix things. That is what my father said about my grandfather, although this is true of both [...]

7 January 2008

The Elephants Continue To Come To My Garden At Night

Greg and I went to see Charlie Wilson’s War yesterday. I was bored by the entire production; the pacing was clumsy, the narrative had no structure, and the characters were as deep as Julia Roberts’s lips which is really quite deep as lips go and not deep at all as characters do. It’s [...]

1 November 2007

Who When You Abstain From Touching Me Is Not Being Touched By You

I spent last night in two different libraries and felt very virtuous; potentially as virtuous as I looked on the Halloweens of my first-, second-, and third-grade years of school. I was a Pilgrim Girl for each of them. My mother made a long-skirted, high-necked dress out of black Rag Shop fabric and [...]

11 October 2007

My Arms Miss You, My Hands Miss You

by Mary Elston
I went to a preview performance of The Overwhelming at the Laura Pels Theater last night. I met the playwright afterwards, right after the curtain had come down and I had stopped crying. J.T. Rogers is short and squarish, physically, although an additional fact is that he was wearing khakis.
“Thank you,” I told [...]