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21 June 2007


When I imagine a better world, I don’t visualize factories in Fujian Province or even maquiladoras near, like, Nuevo Laredo. I definitely don’t imagine Bono (who, I just realized in my left brain, wears sunglasses a lot. I think he’s trying to inherit the Lennon throne on that one, except instead of rosy [...]

9 June 2007

Multiple Dwelling

I woke up at 7:30 this morning to go to the Fire Library. “Fire library!?” asks my little sister, who spent the better part of her toddler-hood wearing a toy fire hat backwards so the brim stuck out like a baseball cap. Yes, Hannah, the Fire Library. The Fire Academy Library, in [...]

2 June 2007

The Grand East River Oil Slick

It was on 57th and Madison that it first occurred to me, in between women whose ankles were straining at the edge of their pumps and men whose melting hair gel crept slowly toward their eyebrows. “Walking through Midtown,” I would pronounce, “is like a war of attrition.” And pronounce as such [...]