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11 July 2007

Share The Road

I had a emotional morning, having discovered that: I am far more deeply moved by a slightly loutish soon-to-be-ex-firefighter reckoning with a six-year-old trauma than I would be by an equally strapping young gentleman in well-tailored yellow suspenders trying to get my (fictional) kitty down from a (frightfully real) tree.
Maybe I should have assumed that. [...]

17 June 2007

The Accidental Say

In Spanish, there’s a grammatic convention that I think borders on perfect. It’s the accidental “se,” or accidental reflexive, and it serves to put the blame, well, not on me. When unintentional events occur in the English language, the actor stays the same–Bill Buckner lost the ball–but, in Spanish, se le perdió [...]

9 June 2007

Multiple Dwelling

I woke up at 7:30 this morning to go to the Fire Library. “Fire library!?” asks my little sister, who spent the better part of her toddler-hood wearing a toy fire hat backwards so the brim stuck out like a baseball cap. Yes, Hannah, the Fire Library. The Fire Academy Library, in [...]