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3 April 2008

Tuck Her Beneath Your Covers Got A Love Keep Her There Make Love All The Time

Lipstik_There Is Only One Thing.mp3

Then you get the guy in the fat guy truck–
There was no need to finish. The line erupted in laughter. The man who’d announced that we “got the guy” was waiting for his package at the Maspeth UPS Customer Center, and he was really fat. Since he [...]

12 May 2007

Artistically Challenging Stirrup Jeans

Time Out New York did a feature this past week on the best walks in the city, which I was psyched about. I super love walking, and exploring at a pedestrian pace, on a human scale–I think it comes from travelling in countries where I don’t speak the language, or at least not very well, [...]

5 April 2007

One Man’s Lapdog

You can, obviously, understand a lot about a neighborhood by looking at its trash. That’s if you happen to have that selective kind of blindness where multi-paned windows, wrought-iron railings, and purebred lapdogs are imperceptible.
(Do you know the trouble I just had with imagining what one would see in a nice neighborhood? I [...]

22 March 2007

Edward Said on the First Day of Spring

This story is about Young Max and “Arabian II,” a certain genre of music that may be familiar to those of you who are so cool you live at the bottom of the Gowanus Canal or that putrid stream in Greenpoint.
Indeed, it was atop the aforementioned canal–we were walking on the Union Tree Bridge, which [...]