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11 February 2008

Would You Like To Play Chess Chess Seriously

When Susan Sontag knew she was dying–she knew it without admitting it, somehow–she vowed to not write about what it is to die the way most of us will: slowly. That is, she would not speak on what it is to emigrate to the kingdom of the ill and live there.
Will Oldham_Jump In Jump [...]

28 January 2008

You Make It Easy To Watch The World With Love

Ruthie and I tumbled off the 6 train on Friday night; it had taken some time to get to 86th Street, and once we left the station we were a little stunned.
Oh, I finally said. I think I saw Juno near here, and then I wrinkled my nose. Best Picture, really? Seeing [...]

20 January 2008

I Sat With You And We Took Turns Guessing

I spent Friday and Saturday nights at parties in Brooklyn with people who I hadn’t known very well before. All I know about them now is that they each have more than one t-shirt and will put R. Kelly on the playlist if ordered to do so. The chemistry is obviously great.

Fleetwood Mac_Love [...]

24 October 2007

I Couldn’t Have Added Two And Two Unless Driven By Hatred Or An Equivalent Passion I Couldn’t Have Read A Paragraph Of Austen Or James Unless I Shrieked Each Word

I was at a deafening party last night with a lot of people who either lived in or were intimately connected to Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties.

Jeanne Moreau
Before we sat down to dinner, I hadn’t registered the extent of the wildfires there except to glare at a Red Cross volunteer who’d asked [...]