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7 November 2007

A Pillar Of Salt

“Make it plain” was what Malcolm X said when he was ready to go on stage. On January 24th, 1965, he said “make it plain” and then he took the podium at the Audubon Theater in Harlem to give a speech entitled “On Afro-American History,” and then he said:
It seems that during the month [...]

2 May 2007

Glossy, But Only Semi-Glossy

I walk through Harlem a fair amount and have been seeing, since the last rainfall, xeroxed signs packing-taped to street lamps and stapled onto telephone poles. The signs are on glossy, but only semi-glossy, 8 1/2″ by 12″ paper, and have a picture in the center of a wee ClipArt baby wearing a massive [...]

24 April 2007

Swooning Idiocies

I’m still a college student, which means that (despite two years of a life that was acutely real), my principle concerns rotate on a semesterial schedule. Currently, they revolve around rape, war, trauma and sub-atomic physics. The final one is simply the unhappy result of a core curriculum, but the first three are [...]