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16 September 2007

What Katie Did Next

Madeleine thought someone wasn’t being gracious in Oslo so she took a train across the country to Bergen. All the Weather Underground icons about Oslo include an impatient raincloud and there seems to be a near-constant hundred-percent chance of rain. Bergen seems to be worse for the following eight reasons, especially the second [...]

1 September 2007

Your Being, Watched

In the East Village, there’s a preschool called “Children’s Liberation.”
I lack just about any maternal impulse, and I am also consciously in favor of youth empowerment, but I do not think that “liberation” is ever something I will want for my toddler, especially on the block of 1st Avenue below East 9th Street.
The things I [...]

19 August 2007

The Ballad Of Rachel Hurley

We were boarding a plane from JFK to PBI when I cautioned “you know, going on a trip with me is a little like being on a fact finding mission.” I’ve subsequently learned that in 1893 what became West Palm Beach was purchased, in its entirety, by a certain Henry Flagler. He needed [...]