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17 March 2008

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

I have been thinking a lot about marital infidelity this week. Surprise! I have also been thinking about my thesis, which should also come as something of a surprise. I am writing about public hospitals in Harlem during the three Koch administrations. Ed Koch was a odd mayor; pugnacious and jocular [...]

2 November 2007

Someone To Whom A Moment Whatever Moment It May Be Has Come

A Contemporary Absurdity
by Ariel Kouvaras
Last night, I was watching Law & Order and channel surfing during the commercials. My mind was impatient, and my body too lethargic to do anything else but dissolve, willingly, into a sedated gawk. This contented apathy lasted until I clicked onto a channel that was showing an exposé about [...]

20 October 2007

Out Of All Those Kinds Of People You Got A Face With A View

He would walk around eating bananas! Hani was delighted.
Edward Said would? I was delighted, too.
He would walk around eating bananas at the Horton Williams on one fifteenth!
What is the Horton Williams?

The supermarket! It used to be called something else. The One Hundred and Fifteenth Street Deli. I was dubious of [...]