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1 February 2008

Thirsty And Miserable Always Wanting More

My roommate James has been spending most of his time at his studio in Trenton–they’re trying to start an artists’ colony, he told me last week, but so far I’m the only artist there–and so he got a subletter for the last month and a half.

The Walkmen_Old Forgotten Soldier.mp3

The subletter is this recent LA transplant [...]

13 September 2007

Jane Came By With A Lock Of Your Hair

It was dinnertime with my roommates, and it’s usually not a problem that Collette doesn’t eat ham. I try not to dietarily discriminate. Last night, though, we were (a) with Spencer and (b) at a tapas bar, so pork products were in favored abundance.
Spencer promised her he’d only order one porky dish, and [...]

3 May 2007

Babies, Part II

I’m disgusted. Hilary Clinton is so bad at saying she’s sorry, she just wants to go back in time and REVERSE the Senate vote authorizing funding for the war! I’m so disgusted I’m Basil Fawlty telling his handsome, gleaming young guest that he really should have visited a chemist’s shop earlier in the [...]