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9 March 2008

You Like A Man With A Future You Like A Woman With A Past

Yesterday I Was Fascinated By Somebody Else

I wasn’t, really, or maybe I really was, but in this case I couldn’t decide which title I liked better so I am using two, echoing the misogynist modernists. Tom Eliot stacked his writing on top and on top of itself, leaving room for wonder and none for [...]

13 January 2008

The Newspaper Said Say What You Doing In Bed I Said We’re Only Trying To Get Us Some Peace

I stayed with my parents in New Jersey last night. As I was leaving the train station I ran into Brent Martone. He was leaving the comic book store, which is probably the coolest place in South Orange to be leaving. Besides the train station.
I recognized him before he recognized me, so [...]

13 September 2007

Jane Came By With A Lock Of Your Hair

It was dinnertime with my roommates, and it’s usually not a problem that Collette doesn’t eat ham. I try not to dietarily discriminate. Last night, though, we were (a) with Spencer and (b) at a tapas bar, so pork products were in favored abundance.
Spencer promised her he’d only order one porky dish, and [...]