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27 May 2008

And Possibly I Like The Thrill Of Under Me You Quite So New

Annie Blacker house, Greene & Greene Architectural Records and Papers Collection
If I weren’t convinced that everything I know is already known well by anyone I’d ever want to impress, I’d use Hemingway’s six word novel as a pick-up line. (I’m embarrassed now to even write it, so certain I am that you all have [...]

9 March 2008

You Like A Man With A Future You Like A Woman With A Past

Yesterday I Was Fascinated By Somebody Else

I wasn’t, really, or maybe I really was, but in this case I couldn’t decide which title I liked better so I am using two, echoing the misogynist modernists. Tom Eliot stacked his writing on top and on top of itself, leaving room for wonder and none for [...]

2 October 2007

It’s Your Birthday. It’s Your Birthday In Liberia, Baby.

I am reproducing, in its entirety, Gabe’s birthday present to Maddy. In homage and admiration. Gabe lives in the far easter corner of Liberia. Maddy lives in the far western corner of the United States.
For those of you who think this is derivative, here is the masterpiece in its original form. [...]

16 September 2007

What Katie Did Next

Madeleine thought someone wasn’t being gracious in Oslo so she took a train across the country to Bergen. All the Weather Underground icons about Oslo include an impatient raincloud and there seems to be a near-constant hundred-percent chance of rain. Bergen seems to be worse for the following eight reasons, especially the second [...]