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1 February 2008

Thirsty And Miserable Always Wanting More

My roommate James has been spending most of his time at his studio in Trenton–they’re trying to start an artists’ colony, he told me last week, but so far I’m the only artist there–and so he got a subletter for the last month and a half.

The Walkmen_Old Forgotten Soldier.mp3

The subletter is this recent LA transplant [...]

28 January 2008

You Make It Easy To Watch The World With Love

Ruthie and I tumbled off the 6 train on Friday night; it had taken some time to get to 86th Street, and once we left the station we were a little stunned.
Oh, I finally said. I think I saw Juno near here, and then I wrinkled my nose. Best Picture, really? Seeing [...]

20 October 2007

Out Of All Those Kinds Of People You Got A Face With A View

He would walk around eating bananas! Hani was delighted.
Edward Said would? I was delighted, too.
He would walk around eating bananas at the Horton Williams on one fifteenth!
What is the Horton Williams?

The supermarket! It used to be called something else. The One Hundred and Fifteenth Street Deli. I was dubious of [...]

11 October 2007

My Arms Miss You, My Hands Miss You

by Mary Elston
I went to a preview performance of The Overwhelming at the Laura Pels Theater last night. I met the playwright afterwards, right after the curtain had come down and I had stopped crying. J.T. Rogers is short and squarish, physically, although an additional fact is that he was wearing khakis.
“Thank you,” I told [...]