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30 September 2007

The Fate Of Those Who Love Carelessly With Their Faces In The Sun And Don’t Ever Want To Learn How To Stop Doing That Each Fall

24 April 2007

Swooning Idiocies

I’m still a college student, which means that (despite two years of a life that was acutely real), my principle concerns rotate on a semesterial schedule. Currently, they revolve around rape, war, trauma and sub-atomic physics. The final one is simply the unhappy result of a core curriculum, but the first three are [...]

16 March 2007

And Do You Know What? I Love It.

I went home last night, home meaning my parent’s house on Glenside Road, on the twinkling hill of any basically Jewish suburb within a ten mile radius of the city.
I met my father in midtown around 9, and then we drove back together (listening, uncannily, to his Neutral Milk Hotel). We bent our [...]