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20 January 2008

I Sat With You And We Took Turns Guessing

I spent Friday and Saturday nights at parties in Brooklyn with people who I hadn’t known very well before. All I know about them now is that they each have more than one t-shirt and will put R. Kelly on the playlist if ordered to do so. The chemistry is obviously great.

Fleetwood Mac_Love [...]

15 December 2007

Fabulous Prayers

I was negotiating with a young bartender over the feasibility of obtaining Lily a green-tea martini (we are all Orientalists here) when she leaned over to me and said, I think that’s Reverend Billy.
Who? I gasped.
Him! Right there! We were whispering urgently now, two hunters in a blind or fine just two [...]

10 December 2007

It Has Turned The Color Of Gold

I saw The Savages tonight. On the walk to the theater I called my mother to ask whether or not a week long sinus infection meant I should go to the doctor or just whether I should wait and continue to produce snowstorms of tissues in stomach-turning colors. She said doctor, and asked [...]

3 December 2007

Because We Have Known For Quite Some Time

I started a new job today. My first assignment was to buy fifteen boxes of Christmas cards at the Metropolitan Museum store. I walked in holding my boss’s museum membership card and two hundred dollars in twenties and the service was impeccable.
I feel like I should post a Missed Connection just to tell [...]