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24 February 2008

Everybody’s Coming From The Winter Vacation Taking In The Sun In An Exaltation To You

My grandfather died a week ago. Grandpop grandfather, not Granddaddy one. The funeral was on Wednesday and at a lunch afterwards my father gave a speech. It was mainly about how he liked to fix things. That is what my father said about my grandfather, although this is true of both [...]

23 August 2007

Forgiving Betty Schwartz

About ten years ago, now, my paternal grandmother started complaining about Betty Schwartz. My grandparents were living in South Jersey, then, so they would invariably see Betty and her husband, Harry, at diners; if you have spent any time at all in South Jersey you might seek solace in faux maple syrup and scrapple, [...]

23 June 2007

Breakfast Foods, The Consummate Dangers Thereof

“Bob Evans, 89, Restaurateur With Chain Built on Sausage, Dies“
There’s a parable there.  About how wise men don’t build empires on sausage.   Too slippery.